Saturday, February 28, 2009

#1 The Hobo International Lauren Wallet/Clutch!!!

well this is where it all started for my friends. I have had a list of favorites for quite some time, but this is at the top of the list so this is #1!!!
The "Hobo"!!! It's a fabulous wallet/clutch that once you buy one, you'll never want another wallet again (except more of these yummy Hobos!!!). They are an organizers dream and for those of us who just like to carry everything and can't decide what should go, it holds everything!
Great space for credit cards/gift cards, money, change, room for check book, a GIANT pocket in the middle and a perfect place to hold ID so all you have to do is "flip" it open to show your mug shot.
It's made by Hobo International. The main style in Lauren (vintage leather look), but there are others Savoy (shimmer leather), Belinda (patent leather), Cybill (quilted) and other prints!!! Be aware of the Fakes, they have to say Hobo International!
My 1st purchase was at Paparazzi's on Battleground. She has the BEST selection at any one given time. There are other places in Greensboro though, Splurges on Inman Rd.. HINT: Splurges has 20% off coupons on a regular basis! JUST ASK SUSIE!!! Can you imagine, in season & on sale? Thanks Suz!!!
The BEST DEALS are on Ebay and Amazon, keep watch and you can find them at 30-50 % off. Usually last season's color, but WHO CARES?!?!?!?
I love my Hobo's and would like one in every color; every season, ENJOY!!!

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