Monday, May 4, 2009

I Leelou, do you?

I want to spread the word about Leelou. For those of you trying to start a blog (that looks cute); it's fun, easy and free if you go to Leelou's site. She makes it easy for your blog to look great! (you still have to join blogger and write) If you want to spend a little $$$, she can give you a "One of Kind" blog layout! She also has several add ons if you want to pick and choose additional things too.
I'm still awaiting a few more followers to start spending the cash.(If I spend it, will they come?) I'm also in the process of trying to figure out how to make this blogger's world (or really mine) look better and get more followers.
Anyway, Leelou's is having a contest to win memberships and other goodies if you are interested. Just go to their site and enter yourself!!! You can click on Leelou's link button (on my sidebar) to get to her site!!!
Good Luck, or better yet, wish me luck too!!!

P.S. You can see another one of my blogs with Leelou's work at

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