Saturday, May 9, 2009

Better Blogger...

So I was surfing the blog world the other day and decided my latest blog (this one) was lacking a little something. I was wanting a blog that didn't have to do with my one son's medical needs or my husbands business or my other son's toys. I decided I was going to post away about all my latest finds, all the "where did you get that?", all my decorating deals, all the things that make me ...well, me.
Little did I realize that I found ALL the blogs I love to follow are about everyday lives... kinda like mine. I decided I want some of the pictures I take, even if they aren't of "professional" quality. I also want to put my heart in this so one day, maybe not today, but one day someone will say... "I think that way too!"
Why do I find that I'm always wanting to get recognition of total strangers on the web? Why is it that I love the attention of my girlfriends? Why is it that I feel compelled to make this the best blog ever... again?
Am I gonna stop posting on ALL the go to girl's faves... NO WAY! Am I gonna add a little mix-in of life's quirky ways? You betcha!
Hope you enjoy my ways...right or wrong !!!

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