Thursday, June 11, 2009

Positively Green Cards

My NEW Love!!!
I want each and everyone of these fabulous cards to send everyone I know!!! (for those of you that know me, It's the thought that counts...right?) Maybe I'm not good at sending notes, but these cuties make me want to find a pen that works and get to it. Each card has such GREAT sayings... maybe I wouldn't even have to write a thing.
Added bonus #1; They are 100% post consumer recycled fiber.
Added bonus #2; Each card has a "Do Something GREEN Tip"
Added bonus #3; 10% of the profits are donated to organizations that
help protect our environment & help fight global warming.
It's like a gift in a card!!!

I found the positively green cards at a great funky, eco-friendly, shop in Summerfield called Dwelling! Stop by and check out her goods. If you don't live near by, check out live-inspired where you can order on- line.
Don't blame me when you get addicted and have to spend
all your spare GREEN on these "GREEN" things!!!

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Heather said...

SUCH cute cards!!