Thursday, July 9, 2009


Who doesn't love this dishware?!?!?!
I'd take one in every pattern... but I'm over the top like that!
Vietri has been a favorite of mine for several years. The best thing is we have our own outlet in Hillsborough, NC! How lucky are we? Hillsborough is a great little town, definitely worth the trip (especially if you're headed to Southpoint in Durham, only about 15 apart from each other!!!) It's like killing two birds with one stone ( I need to come up with a better saying, doesn't sound too politically correct... but funny!)!!! They have glassware and linens too, but I had to stop somewhere.

This is my pattern, Pallini. I use it year round & Christmas to boot!
I love to mix and match with other dishes.
For you blue girls!

What did I tell you... mix & match!!!

And they have a fab new line of lamps.
If only I could afford one... maybe they'll ship one to me for adding such a great post ;)

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great post very pretty dishware